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  • $979.00


    The KHS Aguila is the choice for cross country.

    It’s no question that hardtails still play an extremely important role in XC sports. Combined with our XC 29 sport geometry, the Aguila is guaranteed to deliver uncompromising speed and agility on the trails. The KHS Alloy 6061 provides the utmost blend of stiffness, light weight, and strength. Premium components that delivers explosive speed, confident handling, and hassle-free maintenance.

  • $1,879.00

    BNT 29

  • $1,269.00


    The KHS Tempe is the flagship XC sport bike that embodies the next level of 29ers in XC performance.

    Featuring the KHS patented alloy 6061 frame. The Tempe over exceeds the highest level of stiffness, compliance and durability in it’s class. Thanks to cutting-edge design and engineering from the KHS development team. The Tempe features an advanced geometry for superior control and premium components that delivers and over exceeds competitive hardtails.

  • $2,399.00


    The KHS Tucson is our carbon hardtail XC performance 29er.

    Light weight is crucial, but it’s nothing without the highest levels of stiffness, conformity and durability to back it up. Thanks to the KHS cutting-edge patented carbon fiber precision constructed frame and geometry. The KHS Tucson delivers superior control and a nimble responsive ride quality that delivers more distances on single tracks, XC races and marathons.

  • $609.00


    This hardtail 29er entry-level bike was design and built for one thing in mind:  Trails!

    With its lightweight 6061 aluminum frame and trail-friendly geometry, the KHS Winslow is your choice for casual XC terrain and singletrack. It combines the efficient ride quality of a classic hardtail and off-roader bike. KHS engineered to optimize its 29 wheel platform.

    The KHS Winslow is the perfect choice without breaking the bank.